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Natural Canvas from Denby

The development of a creative brand for the recently released range of dinnerware.

Denby came to us to help them tell the story of their latest collection of tableware designed for family life and casual entertaining. They were sure that their core customer of middle aged, middle class females would buy into the range but felt that there was scope to extend their reach into new and exciting audiences.

As part of the project we conceptualised and shot three films with our production partners Dimension 2 designed to highlight the keys strands of their story –

the design and manufacturing angle, the historical context and the way in which it is used. In so doing, we looked to create a tone of voice that carried the brand into an audience more at home with craft beers, delicatessens and music festivals than those traditionally associated with Denby.

All three films are currently in the wild and three more are slated for later in the year.

Drawn from Life



in and around Nottingham

Arri Alexa Mini

for smooth moves in tight locations





Plus one unruly dog

Draw from Life

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Modern Art
Inspired by Past Masters

Placing Natural Canvas in the Denby canon.

Denby Pottery is one of the great, unsung heroes of British manufacturing. Its products are central to family life in homes from the US to South Korea. From its factory in Derbyshire, the pottery has been quietly pushing boundaries since the Industrial Revolution.

With the launch of the Natural Canvas range Denby wanted to showcase some of its greatest hits from throughout its history. In so doing, it sought to contextualise the latest range from a design and manufacturing perspective.



We worked with Denby to find 12 iconic sets of stoneware, shooting them on anamorphic lenses and a dollied Ari Alexa to bring out their functional beauty in a fitting manner. The exhibition space was a specially constructed set that we transitioned into from real location footage we'd shot at the factory during the course of our manufacturing spot.

Inspired by Past Masters

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Form Without Formality

The art of casual entertaining in a minute.

The Natural Canvas range by Denby is designed for the modern dinner table – informal, experimental but ruggedly elegant. Denby looked to us to create a short film for social media that embodied these values whilst seeking to pitch their product to a new, design-conscious audience.

Focusing on three different Denby People going about their day, from work through shopping to the evening meal, the common thread was the range being used in such a way that Denby's robust, honest ethos came to the fore.





Shot over three days and edited in three, the finished product is tied together by the barnstorming Big Chief by Professor Longhair – a full bodied perennial that, like Denbyware, gets pulled out at parties everywhere.

Form Without Formality

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