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The UK's oldest telco has a decidedly modern outlook when it comes to embracing new technologies.

Spitfire Studio has worked with AMV BBDO for over four years servicing the digital production of the full range of BT's online campaigns.

During that time we've challenged people's expectations of the medium by finding new and innovative ways in which to crunch assets.

From the pixel-based art of Sweden's eBoy to home-produced 3D and photography, we've brought a whole new level of craft to banner work.

Often, through our work, we've established principles that have gone on to define the BT online brand.

Our early work on DoubleClick's dynamic platform is regularly used for benchmarking – within a single creative template we have anything up to 500,000 messaging variables responding to location, price, offer and number of visits.

Back of the net

The new football season brings a new haul of creative goals for the high-profile sport channel.

For two years running Spitfire has been a regular selection for the BT Sport team.

We've helped conceptualise and deliver on a number of high profile placements and takeovers designed to bring the excitement of the forthcoming season to the digital screen.

Whether it's booting footballs around film sets or working with Yahoo and and MSN to fine tune elaborate transparent takeovers, we've never missed the target.

Most recently we've built creative that responds to geography and the fixture list by serving details of appropriate match coverage. Score!


Dynamic Banners


Digital Billboards


Standard Banners


Static Formats

Campaign delivered in one month


Premium Bespoke Takeovers,
From Concept Through Video
Shoot to Delivery

Dynamic and mobile formats plus site skins


scheduled dynamic ads


Top picks highlighted

Dynamic Fixtures Creatives 2013/14


Top picks highlighted


scheduled updates

Dynamic Fixtures Creatives 2014/15 (so far)

Do you YouView?

BT's on-demand proposition is the answer.


Specific Placements

Across 2 ad networks

The launch of BT's foray into the realm of on-demand content required a strong tie-in to their high-value television and outdoor platform.

We worked with AMV BBDO and media owners to incorporate branded content into high impact rich placements.


Plus mobile and tablet executions


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