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4 years of digital display with M&S. From fashion to food, undies to energy. See how we helped shape digital M&S.

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Warner Bros.

Harnessing the power of the Google Maps API in new ways to help bring film locations to life for the huge J.K. Rowling blockbuster.

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Denby Pottery

Three films outlining the history of the iconic Derbyshire pottery and launching the range to take it into the future.

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A partnership with Google using the YouTube masthead format to deliver livestreams of huge film premieres – from Hunger Games to Star Wars.

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Using Google products to bring the Winnie the Pooh franchise into the 21st Century. Maps and augmented reality to bring the Hundred Acre Wood that bit closer.

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M&S Energy

A digital out of home job that saw our creatives documenting community projects all around Britain.

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Mercedes Benz

Over the last couple of years Spitfire Studio has helped AMV BBDO ensure that Mercedes UK's digital sets the standard for the global marque.

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A full scale rebrand for a company redefining the nature of motoring in the UK – whether you're looking for a van or a supercar.

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We’ve seen huge changes on the BT digital brand over the years. Our work with AMV BBDO was instrumental in communicating those developments.

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