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Spitfire's relationship with Mercedes has allowed us the opportunity to deliver some our most challenging and fulfilling work to date.

Over the years, and under the aegis of AMV BBDO, we've consulted on, produced and delivered multi-platform campaign-led product launches across the model range, dynamically-driven tactical campaigns for retail and teaser work in support of the major internal motor shows.

We've helped launch the Smart forfour and fortwo models making use of a huge range of high profile, rich media placements to create a vibrant and engaging campaign.



Like the cars it's selling, our digital work has consistently pushed the limits of the technology without compromising on functionality and reliability.
We might not be very good with engines but we know what's what when it comes to getting under the bonnet of online experience.

Pure C-Class

Refinement with power

You can drive it like you're chauffeuring a nun with a heart condition, and it's smooth and unperturbed. Or you can push it to its door handles and you still can't fluster it. It's got everything covered.

Paul Horrell
Top Gear
10 March 2014


Separate Creatives

Flash, HTML5, YouTube and Skype formats



from 12.04.14 - 25.05.14





Campaign delivered within one month

The sort of brief that only comes around a few times in a career

When AMV BBDO approached Spitfire to produce the entire online Mercedes launch material we knew we had to bring our A game.

The launch of a new C-Class model is arguably the most important date in the car manufacturer's calendar. Aside from shifting the most units of the entire model spectrum, the C-Class is the exemplar of everything that Mercedes stands for. Its perfect blend of power, refinement, comfort and performance is held dear by everyone from mums on the school run to young go-getters shuttling between meetings.

With that knowledge, getting it wrong wasn't an option.

Spitfire took receipt of a vast media plan that incorporated Flash and HTML variants with a host of bespoke formats for high impact takeovers. Working closely with media owners, we produced rich executions making use of modified edits of the TV spot  with individual placements talking to each other across the serving platform.

Full penetration across mobile and non-flash formats was achieved by optimising creative for HTML5 culminating in the production of a tailored mobile package designed for impact with data-usage efficiency. Delivery times were tight and the media plan fluid to allow for tactical opportunities. Spitfire delivered on budget and on deadline to produce a campaign that is regarded as the European standard within Mercedes.


The fortwo’s brief remains much as it ever was.

A posh, hyper-manoeuvrable pod appealing to well-off urbanites with very specific parking requirements.

At last, that brief has been properly executed.

Sam Philips
Top Gear
05 November 2014



Including a bespoke YouTube Masthead

Rich, HTML5 and standard formats

Across 15 premium car and news channels



…from creative to delivery

Dynamic, colourful, exciting and youthful

That was the brief when Spitfire was asked to produce the online launch of Smart's flagship models.

A single model launch is a big deal but launching two at the same time within the same piece of creative is huge. When AMV BBDO and Smart wanted to cause a stir online for their fortwo and forfour models it was Spitfire they turned to.

We worked in collaboration with creatives at AMV and technical heads at Youtube et al to generate a suite of rich placements that built upon the fast edit style of the TV Spots.





Bespoke takeovers drew users in to play the spot, offering three potential calls to action on completion. The placements had an active role in directing the buying process by allowing users the ability to book test drives, order a brochure or explore offers with the minimum number of clicks.




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